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  1. Nothing Sweeter

From the recording My Power

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Nothing Sweeter

No hay nada mas dulce en este mundo, mami,
que las frutas que caén de los arboles de las isla a mi,
siempre me sale la babita cuando pienso en tí,
te derretiste en mi boca cuando primero te vi

I want you to always recognize me,
Mami, no matter hong long I'm gone when I return,
greet I with open arms and bomb green palm trees lining the shores of warm, blue seas
easily reach 95 degrees in the shade with a tropical breeze
please, the most beautiful queens with those ebony eyes
taste like mango, like guanabana between the thighs
got half of the world mesmerized
staring at your legs and breasts and hips
and wondering how Boricuas learn to move their hips
and it's a straight trip now, watching the world watching you
so many people wanting you,
ballers ready to break themselves just to have and flaunt you
so delicious, loving your attitude
add flavor like sofrito to your grand mama's food
and everything that you do is twice as enticing without even trying
always shining like the fine diamond you are, star
making you hard to ignore
from the ghetto streets where we are to the mountains of P.R. ain't nothing sweeter, Boricua..

What, I'm supposed to control myself?
when I'm loving the way you look in my guayabera shirt on and nothing else
with everything staring at me sometimes temptations hard to resist
when a big part of me wished that I can make myself disappear in your lips
until the next millennium comes, 3001
my love has, is, and always will be infinite and ancient like the drum
natural like freedom
in this urban hang suite we ain't stop until we do, who gives a damn if the cops come
you attract me like the moon to the sea, like the smell of honey to be
like the sun to the Earth is what your sweet nectar does to me
there's nothing even similar to compare
won't even dare to measure the physical, spiritual pleasure
keeps me grounded like gravity
satisfaction guaranteed
apparently, nothing in the galaxy fits together like we
like soul and body, inseprable
'til death do I refuse to turn my back on my queen 'cause that's suicide..

Africana Latina Taina, la reina boricua, mi vida,
has me envisioning Lolita, mira,
she’s honey dipped & soft on the outside, just like the coqui’s lullaby,
inside she’s hard to the core, full of Puerto Rican pride,
down for the cause like Young Lords and of course it’s no problem,
for you to separate the game from truth, just like the seeds & stem
& see through them, feeble men, who’s rockin’ ice but lacking gems,
wisdom is valuable, unlike diamonds & pearls,
come again,
wisdom is more valuable cuz all that glitters ain’t gold
and anything else that you may hold,
you can’t take with you when you go,
that’s why this flow is dedicated just like you to the struggle,
you never snitched trying to get rich, so you’ll never switch when you bubble,
streetwise or college educated, contemplated while most others stayed faded,
waited to get up out the ghetto & made it,
only to return
to set the rooftops of the project’s mentality to burn,
the title of queen that you’ve earned…