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  1. 2 Ways Home

From the recording My Power

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2 Ways Home

Can I please feed my seed with ease, with ‘nuff abilities to breeze through L-I-F-E & free my sons & daughters to be from the mentality of me-me, & they’re papi’s from the penitentiaries, can I see liberation of nations victims of colonization gaining control of our ultimate destination, erase police stations with innocent faces, all ages, no more laws that are blatantly racist, unplug the matrix, kill the fake shit, pop, it makes loud sound but no respect for hip hop grounds that sacred, & ancient like the tombs of the kings, the wombs of the queens, giving birth to new beginnings, can I burn my herb with no concern of seeing a cell, while them politrickcians sell more than themselves like Jezebels, we know they dirty as hell, but who’s they’re main clientele, local or international?

Sons of the ones who came after the slavemaster, grasping gats with licenses to blast ya’, them bastards harass & provoke the masses of black folk, while they’re trying to pack the green pastures with caskets who gets lost in gun smoke, its no joke, ain’t no protection, no hope for the ghetto youth against the po-po’s, looking for you and your crew with them loaded 4-4’s so stay low, like hip hop on the radio, like as if you’s pushing ya-yo, for the payroll, hoping they don’t slow your roll, hustling ‘til the days go,
Rico, all of my eyes wide open for my people up against evil, Richmond, Cali to Puerto Rico, ay bendito, piggy’s be everywhere we look, like wanna be crooks, but come unseen like earthquakes and have your whole neighborhood shook & booked, you & your baby’s mama, maybe I’m gonna be next, prison industrial complex don’t discriminate sex, victims ages decrease to say the least, I say “FUCK PEACE” til my people’s released, Pabón de corazón…

Many generations have already tried to be complacent, that’s why we still live in tenement basements struggling, for barely enough to even nourish our seeds, hoping to find the light that shines between the moon & the sea, to reflect upon my peoples all the blessings that come, with being born of the son, naturally, freedom from, the down-pressor man, colonization, and mentality that come because of it, dependency on materialistic shit, true soldiers try to follow the lead, and stay on the road paved by my elders who was down to bleed, some of them incarcerated physically, but spiritually free, our re-incarnated African ancestry, come back through the youth & through the elders the truth, wisdom with the overstanding from experience proof & you can recognize if you just look in they’re eyes, that they sacrifice their own lives so that we could survive…


there’s only two ways home, victory or death, there’s only one way I know that’s why I’m not gonna rest, (I’m gonna) face the challenge anyone that’s trying to take our breath, their wickedness, no contest for the ancestors blessed, blood family, how our rivers run deep,