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  1. They Don't Know

From the recording My Power

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They Don’t Know

we doing much bigger things baby, don’t need no championship rings, baby, we come from kings & queens, lady, unique Rican freakin flows Pabón de corazón

30,000 feet above ground now just waiting for this bird to touch down with a zip in my zipper, known as the Puerto Rican rum sipper cuz of the way that I move & fly without turbulence or disturbances in my groove, with nothing to prove & nothing to lose, we been through battles & walked away with nothing but bruised, wearing my bloodstains & black & blues like tattoos, so I can never forget my enemies & the Taino tactics I used to shine through, survival but can’t take full credit, cuz my arrival blessed by my predecessors, ancestor am I, reborn in NY, reside in killa-Cal-I, linked up with all of my allies so don’t be surprised when we rise, illuminant like the sun & regain our kingdom, watch all of the wicked run when the sound of the drums come from, some forgotten daughters & sons of light, born with the insight to ignite the flame that burns all night, libertad…

what you want y’all, you gonna be ready for the fall y’all, this message going out to all y’all, what we don’t know could fuck up the flow, freedom now for my folks down, the struggle continues from the underground, we won’t stop until you all out, we need fathers and mothers freed so seeds can grow.

I seen her in the front of the club looking sweet as love, hair in natural style like Erykah with a pair of the most beautiful ebony eyes you ever seen in your life, kind of like Rick James was inspired by…cuando yo la vi por primera vez, yo me enamoré, toda mi gente escúchenme… luscious lips sit like cherries on top of caramel queens & when she smiles it seems sunbeams is lighting up the scene, mami Linda de verdad yo, looking like Amel Larieux just under 5‘4”, hips & thighs caught my eye, I can’t lie about the queen, she was clean when her bling gleamed, latina Madonna material thing, diamonds on every ring on every finger except one, link around the neck is platinum, sexy as they come, ring in her tongue, exposing just a little belly button to show you something for nothing but she’s just looking for fun.

ask her why she did it though, with them pants that barely fit it, yo, iced out over the limit, yo, standing there looking like you with it, mami, no, no, no, got to ask them why they did it, you must be watching videos & shit, you’re worth more than what they represent, but she watch channel zero…

I concentrate on the game at hand, trying to expand my fam to foreign lands, from local band stand status til Japan’s rappin in Spanish, vanish from the ghetto damaged with broken language & stories of anguish, of average people gone savage just trying to manage its scandalous, life gamblers with anger one in the chamber for strangers, meet hungry hustlers with heat in the street, yo, don’t heed the dangers it could be fatal, get erased quick, you must not heard the word that Gotham City Cali still exists , cross the bridge where we is you’ll find some crazy kids, hungry like some hostages with one day to live, take the root of all your evil & leave you holy & see through, now your people must grieve you, the pearly gates will receive you, in the midst of this the fists of fury rasised high, the jury’s say die, to soldiers who prophesized on all their lies metamorphasized minds, opened the eyes of the blind, rewind time to when we shined divine before we’s colonized…

tell the dj to rewind this, bring it back 3 times for the mindless, from royalty with loyalty, family, now we hustle for cheese daily, put our lives on the line for it, can’t take it with you when you go, no, we come from kings & queens & bigger things, what we don’t know, fucking up the flow