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  1. Freedom Fighters

From the recording My Power

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Freedom Fighters -Rico Pabón

Everybody come follow me,
men and women still living in prison for loving their country and not wanting it a colony, serving time on U.S. territory where international laws vary.
The simple fact that we can’t form military scares me,
I know they’re planning to bury we, hence the anger we carry.
The various prayers I’ll say for the players of war games;
revolutionaries coming with the independence movements to bring about improvements. Warriors stay unbroken and unbent,
remaining silent through interrogation, facing incarceration for dedication to the nation, face political masturbation.
Waste time behind bars, my people living with open scars that never heal,
like Vieques showing the navy how we feel.
See, no time for negotiation or compromise, cuz people lives’ at stake,
Some sisters & brothers are down to die,
so I got to be willing to put mine on the line, ducking the swine.
1999 might have been the year of homicide,
police assisted suicide reaching an all time high for I and I involved in this struggle.
I won’t let my people rot behind the walls of the belly of the beast so I proclaim release of them all…

Colonialism’s a crime to humanity in all forms and manifestations,
which constitutes a violation of the charter of the United Nations.
So why we wait patiently hoping the oppressive yanqui sets us free?
Unfortunately, some pray that Puerto Rico stays a branch off of this Babylon family tree. The rights that we have inherently, as a colony, to struggle by every means
at our disposal against the oppressive colonial power, which also seems
to suppress our aspirations towards liberty and independence.
Yet and still, 500 plus years of colonialism can’t change the essence
of the Puerto Rican 15 political prisoners locked for 19 plus years up to date….
And now,
We haven’t forgotten about the 5 that got denied and left inside,
some served 20 years to date,
longer sentences than most murder and rape convictions.
Visitation restrictions, family relationships kept long distance,
65 and a half year average sentence for armed resistance.
Labeled by the guilty as seditious conspiracy
by an oppressor who violently, silently, still colonizing we seemingly legally.
So proclaim release, set our heroes free, not another anniversary,
like Vieques getting rid of the wicked military.

All over the world can’t they see?
Puerto Rico’s still a colony let them freedom fighters free.
They never commit a crime but still they’re serving time in the
so called land of the free?
My people deserve an apology with immediate release!