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  1. Make The Most

From the recording My Power

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Make the Most
featuring No One

the cost of living going up, chance of living decrease, concrete burns the bare feet of future kings and queens in these streets, poverty stricken, broad daylight the sounds of shots lickin’, cops trippin’ handing out ass whippins’ like government assistance did blocks of gold cheese, now for the cheddar our mental spun like gold D’s, on the west coast proof that society’s failed, cause the future generation’s awaiting trial, out on bail, triple beam scale dreams, you and Tommy on a hil-figuring out the next scheme for the second drop of cream, slang rock from Richmond , California to Bangkok, but give a fuck about hungry kids that live on your same block? crushed ice on your wrist would only be nice if we weren’t living in a state of crisis, acting worthless when we priceless, end of story, an eating rice & beans a choice instead of mandatory


I make the most of what I got, hoping I can blow the spot and earn a knot, but keep my soul intact, if I make it, mami, I’m a give back to my community and friends you’ll never be hungry again

(No One)
necks hugged by gold chains, cold fangs, aim for jugular veins, obtain physical matter in a physical world, move with physical motion, devotion to the materialism, an imperial dominion, my spiritual opinion free from lock and key, intellectual property travels with thoughts, afford the high cost of living, multiply was not given, in school taught division, but the pie is not divided right, hide the light, divide and fight, an ancient trap, maybe some of that Mason yack, avoid the blatant fact that into the same garment of destiny we’re woven, searching for food, shelter, and clothing, mind, body, and soul, a tri-sect emotion, prepare for physical repercussions, bridges burn, cleanse to amend for re-construction

the success of one brother don’t mean shit to my people as a whole, like diamonds in coal, Texas tea, black gold’s worth a million, only if ghetto children could stop living in buildings with no heat, just chillin’ like bro man, envying the other, in this cold, cold world Stevie Wonder understands that we’re clandestine to rest in peace, and even though we live our lives at war it’s still no guarantee, apparently, parents be raising up their seed on T.V. , culture of me-me, mass media dictates mentality, “give me this, give me that” grows into “here’s my gat, break yourself of all your valuables or wind up flat!” control and domination has our minds misguided in satan’s haven, started back when we were slaves cutting sugar cane, behaving, like some good niggas should be, now we’re boys in the hood, in Cali we’re all about the cheese?