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  1. No Lo Quiero

From the recording My Power

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No Lo Quiero

The brand new Klan suits, tan and blue with black boots, stars upon they’re chest on top of their vests, cuz in the west they shoot, got them licences to kill, assigned gloc 9’s and 38’s, and across the fifty states they’re dirtier than Daryl Gates, harassing a young brother whether we’re bald, braid, or dread; no matter the stilo, we know he no like no nappy head, so we’re getting bucked and bucked, that’s why sometimes we buck back, we’re stuck with nigga luck and some brothers be like “Yo, fuck that!” give me my respect, going to get my rights, going to make my people free, and as we step into this new millennium, penitentiaries got brothers packed in like sardines, sisters being treated disrespectfully instead of queens, naw mean? shit’s disgusting, the way the piggies rush into the P.J.’s in broad day and find ways to kill off our future DJ’s and MC’s, revolutionaries and MD’s, it all amounts to ghetto bedrooms empty.


Whether we call them “one time” or call them “5-0”, in every single inner city and every single ghetto, ¡No lo quiero! they try incarcerate my body but they never lock down my soul…