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  1. My Power

From the recording My Power

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My Power
featuring Charlie Justice

L-I-F-E, living in fear of extinction, ain’t no guarantees, put your family first, protect your earth and all your seeds, we could have everything we want if we’re never greedy for more than what we need and obey the universal laws of 360 degrees, definitely, anything else could be extremely dangerous, similar to when one times bust, trying to lay us dust to dust as if they’re religious, somebody must fail, who does if it’s my people that’s locked with no bail? for trying to stay independent from this hell, like Fidel, either way, the drama still continues like a saga every day, brothers looking for something that pays but find nothing but trouble in the east bay, FBI knows where we stay, Counter Intelligence Program’s hearing every word we say, so every plan to move we make, there ain’t no room for mistakes, if enemy infiltrates they shake the boat like earthquakes, and they take on so many forms, just like those chameleons change colors on you, brother like from dusk to dawn…

(C. Justice)
what’s the reason for the treason and crossing game? a damn shame you fighting for the wrong side, still stand alongside. wanna be a hero or she-ro for some dinero? ground zero; I’m leaving coppers frozen like sub-zero, got ‘em mixed up like a Creole, where’s my Boricuas? some of us locked up, it’s time to stock up cuz some of y’all want to be dry snitching and I’m on a ride mission, I’m fixin to be dishing out ass whippins, flash kicking, and I’m gifted, lines lift it to higher decibals to reach the masses at higher levels, and intellectuals, quick to flashing on anyone shining me on (like collectibles), and Jerry Brown, he’s bringing the army to the town to go to war with us from east to west bound. look now, look how they caught us sleeping, peep now, the devil’s creepin’, it’s scary, military exercise, words from the wise, faker look, mr. politician’s a crook

I know it’s precious, sometimes we take life for granted nothing goes how we plan it just to test us, and it keeps us on the humble, having to face adversity and still proceed after you stumble, accepting all those injuries like guerillas in combat and come back, matter of fact, black, many cats who be claiming to have your back is just rats in disguise who’s looking like you and I, but act like gemini’s, that’s why I keep myself covered like Trojan for the switch up artists, put all of the faith in my goddess, my power comes from within my inside & didn’t begin until I searched the lost, and found my Boricua self, latino africano taino, americano cuz abuelo’s considered an economic refugee himself, so here I stand, now on the top of 2 grand, my man’s about to be out in 7 months and spend new year’s on the island, trying to get back to roots, desperately seeking himself and a way up out the system plus them cards that they dealt, your pain is fealt, brother…

(C. Justice)
from gods to slaves in these last days, it seems the broker we become, the more crime pays, I know it’s hard to be true in this land of fakes, but be yourself and protect your own, for heaven’s sake