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  1. Bloodstains

From the recording My Power

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I learned a lot from the pain, just wear it like bloodstains, it’s just a lesson, a test, an obstacle so maintain and stay up, you’re gonna get through, walk the path of righteous man but do what you have to, survival…..

had to try to go from dirty to clean at age 13, typical scene, in between a rock and a hard spot called heroin, son of a lost princess born in the city of queens, and I learned fast that a fiend is a fiend, matter of fact, some of the shit I’ve seen still lives inside me in dreams, I smell human feces in my building staircase and hear silent screams of the sad, sometimes can’t help but stress off the bad, knowing my sister needed what she never had, like mami and papi who’s there, aware of when she eat instead of hustling on the streets, we stayed hungry while they pulled tricks for treats, go out shopping for dinner but come home late and alleviated plus empty handed, I hated it, got initiated and started hustling, shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways, up before the sun, but smokers were awake and use to take all of my business, so I had to figure this much quick, flip the script, invest in chips, survival instinct

can I tell the story of my life, graduated early from the schoolof hard knocks with stripes, had little choice in this land of glass pipes and china white, where brothers die every night trying to catch that last flight, 10 minute high like Groove Theory, I know y’all hear me, ain’t nothing more eery than watching somebody close to you OD, or build up to the return of no turning back, long sleeves attempt to hide the railroad tracks, temples collapse quickly, once a rice & bean queen, now looking sickly, medicine cabinet needle accidentally pricked me one day, so I hope and I pray that my folks ain’t never shared that shit and got some dirty blood in my veins, but mixed emotions, I want to raise up and take my sister with me, sick of my step father hitting me when that nigga ain’t got no D, mami just standing by with a tear in her eye, couldn’t help my situation so I had to survive

it’s a blessing that I’ve seen a lot of things in my past, since ghetto living is fast no time for dreams that don’t last, don’t want no lies than don’t ask no questions, look for the mask, the eyes will tell the truth in every man that steps in your path, like tall grass, smile and laughs hide the snakes who await to take you out, like first dates, that’s why solo I stay, since ’74 to ’98, I can clearly remember the dates trying to escape the clutches of my clandestine fate, cuz latino africano’s got to be moving weight, but ain’t no coca farms in the ghetto so when we evaluate the triple beam dream that starts off innocent, but by the time I reached 14 earning enough to pay the rent is no coincidence, I’m just a young buck, stuck, with fucked up luck, parents lost in a hypodermic so I searched for come ups, the prime candidates are those of us who cannot wait, procrastinate or think, just use survival instinct…