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  1. Warriors

From the recording My Power

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Featuring Luqman Frank

It was like a calling for him, that he couldn’t deny, cuz since conception knew he had a reason for being, deeper than a mere reflection of the world today, with all of its ass backwards ways, blessed with vision and foresight to make it through the system’s crazy maze, but all odds against cause dollars don’t make common sense, as a matter of fact, it’s a cause of violence in low income residence, either lack of it or love of it, why so many of our folks put nothing else above it and end up with counterfeit souls, raising their children up like western uncivilization, cold, creation said young warrior don’t you ever lose control, and no matter what you witness, stay deep into your mental fitness, don’t forget shit, but learn forgiveness, and handle your business, stay inquisitive, stay free of the chains that bind the minds of most woman and mankind, that’s how you’ll seek and truly find inner peace in midst of this war in which you were conceived, and brought into, but best believe, young warrior


when the sun dies, you will be the light, you will be the wind that overblows, when the earth dries, fertile soil you’ll be, you will give foundation to the trees

And you will see how day breaks, and before the sun makes room for the moon, you’re gonna be faced with more speedbumps than any ghetto avenue, phenomenon one: how our young still living in slums while government run assistance done, claiming lack of funds but prisons never ever lack none, go and ask all them questions that bring you attention, cause unheard cries make royalty metamorphasize into wise guys, and sacrifice their own souls and lives, so don’t get caught in that undertow, but know, sometimes righteous paths lead you straight to death row, ask Mumia he knows, Don Rafa Miranda también, faced the consequences of raising the consciousness of men, but do it again if they had to, the systems that bad duke, that people serve 2-5 with an L just to change how they do folks like I & I, but don’t be scared and don’t cry, get prepared & know why the lies get turned into the truth, pain and struggle bring the deepest joy, warrior, go be the proof, bring all of our fallen branches back to the roots