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  1. Ni Un Minuto Mas

From the recording My Power

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Ni Un Minuto Mas

And I done dug my hands in white sands, yo,
pulling up shells up out the sea as evidence of what use to be, live ammo,
and I soaked my feet in, uranium depleted waters infested by Europeans seeking
a paradise to practice sacrificing human beings,
I’m seeing the destruction they’re leaving, it’s like the motherland’s no longer breathing, no wonder why her children gasping and wheezing with holes in their lungs,
just like the earth and what the military’s done with their guns,
erase the nature replaced it with craters,
confiscated homes & made us evaluate or meet the creator,
tropical sun blaze, no trees no shade,
got us eating dirty fish that cook up cancer fillets,
& every day’s a war zone when bombs explode around homes & school houses,
young Puerto Rican children go to learn about democracy, living in a colony,
follow me,
Vieques where they test new & existing weaponry,
so everybody grab a tent, some water, some bread & send a letter to the president,
it’s urgent,
let him know we’re taking it back, one innocent man dead,
they missed their target & hit David Sanes,
may God bless him, one victim of oppression,
we’ve been fighting since day one of becoming your possession,
the people’s insurrection shut ‘em down since April ’99,
Navy officially ran out of time

ni un minuto mas, ni una bomba mas

now, we see that will and determination, persistence and patience,
organization and communication, it changes situations.
I heard the announcements, the Navy’s finally bouncin’,
they’ve been all out ousted by the same people they doubted had the power to do it,
all of Vieques, the workers and the youth of the movement,
the elders for guiding them through it,
and the fishermen who wouldn’t let the war ships in,
those in prison and women in positions making decisions.
All the people who sacrificed, from hunger strikes to fist fights for rights,
everyone who risked their life and didn’t think twice to reclaim our victimized earth, using their bodies to stop the bullets from hitting her.
And it’s been so long now, nothing’s calmed down for Viequenses,
so many citizens sentenced as long as felons for self defense
and protesting relentless senseless tests of inventions with destructive intentions,
evil since their inception, the consequences irreversible,
but you know that law is universal, everything comes full circle.
Nature will nurture the earth and bring new birth like a curse lifted,
the Navy’s been evicted, be gone.

yeah, we celebrated victory when they offered what they called clemency
to the Puerto Rican 16, but reality we’ve seen,
it never was and never will be ‘til my whole country’s free,
that’s why they’re still holding five of our soldiers in captivity,
pillars of our community, educators and liberators of colonized mentality,
feeding families and cleaning up the ghetto streets,
fighting poverty, protecting people from the beast, is the least they would do,
from Universal Zulu’s to black and gold crews, new school to old school,
Panthers and Young Lords being vocal,
Macheteros, wielding the tool of the slave,
symbolizing hard work and bleed for the earth from whence you came,
you make us proud of five stripes and a star,
feeling your love and loyalty from where you are behind bars,
New York islands to California, sea to filthy sea,
sentences were made to isolate you from your family tree,
but blood rivers run deep, you’re heroes to my country,
we’d be damned forgetting you in the intestines of the beast,
we organize every color of Boricua,
ni un minuto mas