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  1. Money Ways

From the recording My Power

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Money ways

damn near a whole generation of us inside,
some juveniles go buckwild getting locked down until they’re senile,
or being released grown, back to the streets
raised in the belly of the beast,
the least amount of preparation possible to survive in the heat,
sometimes when feet hit the concrete’s when situations get deep,
so watch survival instincts kick in instantly,
no where to turn when ain’t no skills been learned and a brother still got to eat,
resorts to 1986 tactics in the year 2G’s,
you could end up next in the prison industrial complex working for free,
production lines for corporations, 21st century,
them jails owned privately use human beings for free labor,
business as usual, maybe that’s the reason we endangered as a species,
all we got to do is see police and we freeze,
still living on our knees while they’re stealing our babies,
putting our futures on death row with no chance for parole,
tracking us into cell blocks,
damn this cycle…

it seems like violence and incarceration is at the very foundation of what this nation is built upon,
destination: self destruction,
no time for round table discussion when police is busting at,
or at least they’re harassing black and brown asses
and asking no questions until after the fact,
guilty until proven otherwise and that’s only if you survive the arrest procedure, including the ride to the station,
so many of those have proved fatal to my people who’ve questioned and tested a pig’s patience,
and the victims get younger and younger,
why they trying to clean up the streets means it’s open season on me?
and I wonder how we made it this far without an all out war,
our children walking around with battle scars, on guard,
young gods and goddesses, predecessors reborn,
living their lives scattered and torn,
caught in a storm in Babylon,
is it an exaggeration to call these the last days,
where crime pays and our minds enslaved by money ways.