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  1. 10 Jobs

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


10 Jobs

I keep my eyes on the moon when I rise, and let her be the guide of my day,
Neither one of us stars, we’re just reflecting the rays of Rah,
Play our position, it’s just the way that we are,
We’re scarred, we’re hard, we’re Gods,
Most of us got 10 jobs,
Jah made us stable, willing and able to hold the weight of the ball,
From creation, to plantations, to police stations and all,
Intertwined in the grind, so much hater-ation involved,
So I keep in line with the times and I rhyme with illumination for y’all,
It means I’m underground and broken down, raw and uncut,
Hands getting dirtier daily, got the machete tucked in my gut,
I’m cutting cane night and day and hardly making a thing,
But with every swing of my blade, I can taste the blessings they bring,
I see freedom on my horizon, it keeps me hustling,
Striving for better days, not just what’s better pay,
I’m gonna say what they never say,
Hard workers around my way, lazy mother fuckers can’t even stay,
I’ve got 10 jobs…

Filling my life, music’s my vice,
Pushing along, songs from my soul,
Hustle to grind, find peace of mind,
Keep delivering.