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So Called War (featuring Jahziel Guarionex)

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So Called War
Rico Pabón

Verse 1
It's like 1984, frightening non stop war,
and the enemy changes every day so no one knows for sure,
might be someone from overseas, might be the girl next door,
with a loaded .44 you can't trust anyone anymore,
‘cause fear rules the globe, shore to shore, like never before,
and everyone wants to blame someone, but no one is keeping score
and mother earth pays the price, ‘cause how we’re drilling her to the core,
and the politicians get richer, ‘cause all of them are just whores,
they want more and more,
so they keep on letting the corporations treat the world like it’s their candy store, and everywhere they do business they just shittin all on the floor,
they land, they spread, they feed off the life just like a mold spore,
and they seem to appear everywhere, before and after the war,
and those with the government ties be the first in line to be drilling offshore which construction conglomerates profited cuz they got it on the ground floor,
of every so called war.

They wonder why we don't believe them, just open your eyes you'll see the reason, trust,
it's hotter through all of the seasons, it's the destruction of the garden of eden.

Verse 2
Who's in the pockets of conglomerates today?
it's hard to say, but there's a few who seem to never ever hear a nay, and no matter what common sense or what the masses of people say, they go on and do what they wanna do and they do it with no delay,
and the congress is in kahootz, cause they send troops to clear the way, for those who will make a profit off of the murder and foul play.
the lords of war, who build and sell the drones of death and dismay, make billions of dollars rebuilding what they helped to blow away
for a few more greedy people to see a huge payday,
and they make no secret of it, you can read their dossier,
and they take no responsibility when the bullets go astray
no, not in the middle east, not even in the USA
all of the world's children, who have fallen victim, it is for you I pray,
and those who are left behind to find a way out of this disarray
bullets spray where children play, and all they do is hit the floor,
in this so called war

Verse 3
Who are the ones who claim the earth as their property, but treat her improperly, and possibly take over the planet with a food monopoly,
now follow me,
scientist sloppily modifying plant genes, to produce produce that won't reproduce, now what does that mean?
you see, he who controls seeds controls the whole of humanity’s needs if they murder off all of the bees the world could be brought to it’s knees GMOs are causing their death, birth defects and disease,
and the effects upon the planet are like a war no one believes
it’s hard to see how they selling us food with unnatural DNA,
and they don't even have to label it, so you really don’t have a say
science fiction up in your kitchen, so we're whittling away,
and it's in your baby cereal and it's in your latte,
and it's in your fish fillet and even your Perrier,
even the oceans are choking, it's a scary, scary day
the richest, wickedest men, always seem to get their way, and they parlay for more
endless so called wars.

Only a wicked man would destroy his place of birth, and threaten the existence of everything on the planet earth
who can see a child and place a price on what his life is worth?
it's the destruction of the garden of eden.

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved