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Bless the Children

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Bless the Children
-Rico Pabón

Bless them with your love
Love is more than words
Bless them with your love
Love is more than words

Verse 1:
Sit back, get settled in ladies and gentlemen,
this one's for all hues of human; black sugar and brown cinnamon,

sun kissed, honey, buttermilk and vanilla skinned,
this blue planet's own white boned, red blooded citizens

Whether in a mansion, mobile home or a tenement
better believe it now, the Earth is like a house we're living in

if one wall's on fire the entire ceiling's giving in
the heat and smoke will reach and choke the guilty and the innocent
some spots are so hot the block's sizzling
bullets pouring out of the sky, it's not drizzling
With corporations and politicians co-mingling
it's no need to guess or wonder why they're not listening

They've got 99 percent of the pie and still nibbling
with a greed for world domination that's just sickening,

and it’s ridiculous
the way they can sell the future of our children for some dividends
and them dollars make no sense
Bless the children!

Verse 2
Bless them with health, knowledge of self and pride

love, laughter, empathy and compassion for life
Bless them with quality time,
bless them with positive vibes

bless them with respect and check what’s being put in their minds

Listen to their songs, especially if they’re singing along
their influence can be strong,
so bless them with a sense of right and wrong

Destructive messages in our songs just do not belong
because in a child’s subconscious it becomes a ticking time bomb

Artists are like farmers of young minds

so let’s sow seeds and not plant land mines
Let’s stop glorifying, cosigning all of this damn crime
that has so many of us dropping just like the sands of time

The negative of how we live is on a rapid climb
but it’s not in our nature, it’s by some wicked design
A truly free and conscious artist reads the signs and sees between the lines

and knows it’s not time for nursery rhymes
Bless the children!

Verse 3
We have to watch what we feed them too
because what some of these restaurants serve isn’t even food

It’s put together in a laboratory and this story is true

it’s like a Frankenstein in your super sized number two

Left over bits and pieces of meat never fit to be consumed

approved by the FDA so it’s safety is assumed
Force fed with antibiotics so it’s all up on your children’s spoon

an overdose of medicine in their food so their bodies become immune

We’ve got to feed them like we really care

and learn the meaning of ingredients and even the reason they’re there

Diseases like cancer appearing out of thin air
Blessing our food nowadays takes more than a prayer

GMO’s and hormones, everyone should be aware

their side affects are proven, plenty reasons to be scared

Children are born with their future’s impaired
defects once rare, now you find them everywhere

Bless the children!

Love is more than a words,
Love is a verb

It's what you do and how you treat people while you're living

and don't we all deserve an equal chance to learn?

a chance to live and love,
now we have to bless the children
(x 2)
We have to bless the children.

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved