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You Gotta Go (featuring Binghi Ghost)

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You Gotta Go
-Rico Pabón

Verse 1
Take my advice, just drop your mic and back up out the spotlight
‘cause that shit you write is not tight, matter of fact it’s just what’s not right
with hip-hop music and life because words cut deeper than a knife
now all it takes is a little cheese to separate the men from the mice?
and everyone wants a slice, but not everyone has a price
why gain the globe in gold when you know when you go your souls the sacrifice
let me spell it out in black-and-white, what you don’t lack is appetite
but what’s missing is knowledge, wisdom, vision or insight
any creative delivery or agility on the mic
empathy, compassion, humility, or any basic sense of what’s wrong and right
look what you’re acting like, a perfect stereotype, a disposal corporate proto type they’ll just duplicate your ass over night
to push more poison upon the youth as truth so they’ll believe the hype
and see themselves through someone else’s eyes, he who conceived the lies
who deemed us so extremely evil we’ve been demonized
so if you’re a poster boy or model girl for their lies

Verse 2
If we define a puppet as being attached and controlled by strings
and compare that with these rappers who blab about damn near anything
as long as there's a dollar or a distant chance to make them famous
they'll act shameless and claim it's survival in the game of entertainment
a puppet is brainless and hollow, therefore he only knows how to follow
and there's a hole where we should have a soul so he ain’t thinking about tomorrow he wears a permanent smile to keep you mesmerized like a pro
to guide your eyes and mind away from the ventriloquist running the show
the puppet lives in a velvet box, the fox in control clocks all the dough
the puppet feels that he’s real but almost everyone watching knows
he’s like Pinocchio,
and those who know are just laughing at his antics and his Do-si-do
but the children have more belief in him than their folks do in the holy ghost
though he’s plastic and his spine is elastic
and without his masters hand in his ass he loses his magic
some of you rappers have turned to puppets and it’s tragic
that I have to say to your face that space is becoming problematic

Verse 3
Some of these rap cats are more ridiculous than others
some are just nasty and tacky some are just plain stupid motherfuckers
some are just puppets as we know
and others just love to play the hoe and are slaves to the dough
honestly, most of those are not even so-so
they’ve got no soul and no flow so they suck twice, blow blow,
it's time to make it public, fuck keeping it on the low-low
Rico Pabón, I stay awake and I don't take no-doze
nowadays rappers walk around drunk on stage like they some fake Jo Jo’s
grown men with their shirts off, titties bouncing like some yo-yo’s
stop rapping about pimpin and lay off of them ho ho’s
mean muggin don’t mean you’re thuggin, it just shows me that you some bozos
pull your pants up, penguin, you even waddle when you go slow
left hand on your waist band and you can’t let go or your pants hit the floor
and your ass is all exposed
and all of you women hating rap cats, I’m a take aim at your lucky fame
because how do you talk about drugging and raping girls like it’s a fucking game, huh?

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved