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Father's Day (featuring Kenny Washington)

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"Father's Day"
-Rico Pabón

Your smile is my sun
your love is my breath
your laughter is my favorite song Just to see you shine
I dedicate my life
Your laughter is my favorite song

Verse 1
Early one morning as I opened my eyes
your mami kissed me with a smile and said she had a surprise
Her skin aglow like the sunshine
It was like I was seeing her for the very first time, the way her beauty made my heart rate climb
She said excitedly, but quietly "Papi, are you ready? 'Cause we are so in love that love is growing in my belly."
And that love that she spoke of was you!
Our first baby born, more than just a dream come true
And only nine months of waiting, amazing how much you grew,
and me and mami too, 'cause all of this was something new
It was just us two and now our family's expanding, we're planning your birth
and you came like an angel from heaven descended to Earth
And I felt my chest burst, a love I never knew existed,
a miracle in flesh, yes, a natural mystic
I drowned in tears of joy
Look at my baby boy!
And when you turned your head because you recognized the sound of my voice
with your eyes open wide locked on mine, I was awed
I realized this was the closest I'd ever been to seeing God
It's hard to believe that your sweet old soul chose me
I'm honored to be your papi
now every day is Father's Day

Verse 2
And I remember staring at you in amazement as you slept
and there was no feeling better than when you were sleeping on my chest and when you first said "papi", better believe that I wept
and I still remember how I felt when you took your very first steps
Yes, there are so many memories that my heart will not forget and no regrets every day you make me feel so blessed
But you grow too fast!
I'd slow down time if it were up to me
yet I'm so proud of the young man you're growing up to be
You're sweet, sensitive, funny, strong, kind and loyal
and any injustice makes your blood boil.
Boy, I wouldn't change you for the world
you're the beat of my heart
and son, your laughter is my favorite song, God's perfect work of art So, I promise to make you smile and to just let you be a child
to guide, protect and respect and always go the extra mile
'Cause even when I' tired, I'm never tired of you
My first baby born, more than just a dream come true
Now every day is Father's Day

Verse 3
These words inspired by my first born I wrote for the fathers
who don't just plant seeds and leave but they feed and raise them like farmers
until they're fully flowered
I'm talking fathers with sons and daughters who teach them how to respect themselves now so that they feel empowered
and so they feel perfect the way that they are
fathers who reach out for their kids and teach them to reach for the stars
All of the papi's at the playgrounds and the single dads who are putting it down
and the fathers who grew up without their own fathers around
Man, we're freestyling, with no example to follow,
and it feels great to break the chains and build a better tomorrow!
For all the diapers we change until they're finally potty trained
and the late nights holding them tight while they cry through their growing pains
for every band aid, scrape and sprain
for every bed time story that you ever told them even though you were completely drained
It is for you that I've penned this dedication
Much love and appreciation and you deserve a vacation
'cause every day is Father's Day!

Verse 4
I know sometimes it feels like time is moving slow
until you stumble across that old photo that shows how much they've grown and when the past comes flashing back you feel sad
that those days are long gone when all they wanted was dad
So tuck them in at night,
hold them tight,
never let them out of your sight,
teach them to do what's right and not what other people might
Let them know that the most important things don't have a price
And your presence is the only gift that they'll carry with them all their life
Every day is Father's Day

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved