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Do What U Do (featuring Camilo Landau)

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Do What U Do
-Rico Pabón

Verse 1
You'll find the truth hand inscribed by humble scribes of all tribes
on clay archives and sun dried, their lines are immortalized through time,
Survived the flood, plagues, & the ice age, every stage of humankind,
you will find advanced ancient civilizations, even they were using rhymes
poetic structure and designs, repetition and rhythms were intertwined
to record everything from the history of man, even diagramed how the stars align
on obelisks, sarcophagi, pillars and pyramids enshrined
with wisdom of many millennia plenty of quotes by the Most Divine
or by those who were so inclined to preserve the proverbs and verses
with faith as a selfless service
so much greater than worthless Earthly riches and glory,
telling stories that pre date the churches,
who plagiarized and pushed their own versions for a selfish purpose
so the truth is burned in stone, so whether it's chiseled or scribbled it stands alone,
and once it's cover's blown, it's been known to throw kings and queens right off of their bloody thrones,
feel it in your bones, it's older than the Rosetta Stone,
written in cuneiform, heiroglyphs, ancient scriptures and ghetto poems, it’s the truth…..

Verse 2
Grabbing the mic is a privilege,
‘cause people died for the right to write and recite so you just might want to respect that lineage
and begin to see your gift for what it really is,
the ability to shift ideas and make 'em traditions now that's the power of a true lyricist
to empower the innocent before his hour of deliverance,
a lyricist dissipates into mist like a cloud after he's showered the world with sentiments
but his text is infinite, while the flesh exists but a minute
a wordsmith's a perfect example of freedom 'cause his mind knows not limits
so why do I do what I do and when I did what I did, I admitted, I did it?
it's simply because the truth will outlive any gimmick or critic, it's physics,
and look at the sickness, upon the Earth we're forced to witness
corporate interests relinquish life, and extinguish it in the name of business
what is this? the future's infused with confusion and recklessness,
the youth are seduced by images produced by the same prejudiced rich executives who
co opted hip hop and profit from pushing pussy and pistol poppin then profit from the private prisons we end up locked in, it’s the truth!

Verse 3
Unball my fists, put down my pen and throw my hands in the sky
when the beauty of life in the universe flashes before my eyes
conception, creation, the sound of a baby's cry
grows into a child's laughter, it's the sweetest lullaby
and the seasons change quicker than winter, spring to summertime
and their curiosity grows, they start to wonder how and when and where and why
their minds bloom and blossom like opening buds in July
from inside the womb of the Most High, but these angels don't fly
yet, they guide and they change the lives of women and men when they arrive
bringing in blessings, teaching you lessons and every day's a surprise
look into the smiles of their eyes and you can see the light of God in 'em
pure connection to the essence, it reflects in all children
I think of all of the people who spread love
those who rise above the madness and have had enough
the mothers, the brothers and sisters, ministers, musicians
the fathers and grandparents, farmers, the fisherman and physicians
the Christians, practitioners of Islam and Hinduism,
Sikhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto and Judaism,
Lucumí, Candomble, Palo, Vodún and Buddhism
originated in ancient wisdom and dealt not with divisions
real spiritual beings see the beauty and truth in all religions
we give praise and work, too,
use common sense and intuition
we see everyone's children as our own kin
and we don't try to own material things so nothing can own them
we let nature be, believe that life should be free
not under lock and key, not profiting from another man's misery
we believe that everything in life should be free
not under lock and key, not under lock and key, c'mon!

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved