From the recording And Still the Sun Rises

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Blessed (featuring Kimiko Joy)

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-Rico Pabón

Verse 1
Now, when my mother's father came to a land he didn't know with his young wife back at home and her belly starting to grow and hunger had hit the island so he knew it was time to go
so all alone he journeyed searching for a little more dough everywhere he turned it seemed the door was being closed
and for some reason employers keep turning up there nose stress and desperation setting in, but before he blows
the good Lord handed him a rose
now in that rose there was a seed that he planted
he took care he watered it never took it for granted
and from all of his hard work how his garden expanded
he sent home for his love and then the moment she landed he could see the reason of the gift he’d been handed
he knew he’d do whatever God and living demanded unconditional love now he can try truly understand it
I love it how life works out better than you plan it
now I’m blessed

Life is a blessing, never take it for granted (x2)
You made it through the worst turned it into the best,
now my foundation is truly blessed
You see, every sacrifice you made for me
I give thanks and praise 'cause you set me free

Verse 2
Now they have a home and the filled it up with children
A brand-new life that has been years in the building
The joy, the pain, the scrapes, the bruises and how they choose to heal them still working hard so far from where they started but so far from chilling
so soon all them little babies start to grow
and before you know it they’re having a little babies of their own
right around that time is when I made myself known
so blessed, here I am Rico Pabón
now when I was born my mom was only barely 15
just a baby girl born in a crazy world with big dreams
acting independently, my daddy had been split the scene
I grew up poor and clean, eating rice and beans, y’all know what I mean New York and CaIi, I was brought up somewhere in between
because mami stayed looking for something sweeter than Halloween sometime’s she worked from night to day nonstop, just like a machine
so I’m grateful for all of the things I’ve seen
because I’m blessed

Verse 3
Now when I was growing up there were plenty times that were rough and we lived in many tenement homes not meant for cream puffs
and mama was all alone and so she had to seem tough
but up her tender love she always seem to have enough
now I'm a man and that love is still filling up my cup
and with children of my own growing so now I can build them up and give them a foundation that is full of love and trust
respect for self and the elders is a must
now I can see every experience has meaning
and at every crossroad the Creator’s intervening
and what seems like accidents is actually him weaving
a web of destiny I definitely believe in
when I recall the story of my grandfather leaving
his home and everything he'd ever known but for a good reason I see my blessings as an extension of his achievements
and his greatest lesson was never stop reaching
now I’m blessed

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved