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Somebody's Baby

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Somebody’s Baby
-Rico Pabón

Verse 1
Ever hear the cries of a mother’s
worst fear realized
or seen their eyes full of tears
and know they’ll never run dry
through the passing of the years
no matter how hard they try
only questions will appear
and they will never know why
ever try to imagine
just how it feels to get by
your sky permanently blackened
you never said goodbye
and since the day it happened
time’s just standing still
they say time heals every pain
I can’t imagine it will
can you imagine a rain
that never stops in your heart
and though you try to maintain
it slowly tears you apart
have you imagined a pain
that can buckle the knees
of a father who’s child’s been slain
his essence tossed to the breeze
ever seen a grown man
become a broken puzzle
scattered across the floor
his heart’s a pile of rubble
and his sun never rises
cuz his son won’t rise again
baptized in a tide of violence
that never seems to end…

another one down
the story ends the same
nobody knows his name
and no one’s blamed
but that’s somebody’s baby

Verse 2
Do you know how it aches
when your daughter’s been taken
and you just suffocate
every time you awaken
and the break in your heart
feels like your death in the making
and your days are just dark
you feel forsaken
your soul is shaken
you can barely take it
tired of waiting
you wanna start searching for the Ladder of Jacob
do you know the pain I speak of
when death sounds like relief
when you see no other exit or
remedy for the grief
can you imagine bearing witness
to the theft of the breath
of one of your own children
innocent and put to death
in cold blood in the street
cheated and robbed of his life
a body under a sheet
before his eyes could blink twice
can you imagine seeing the footage
could your eyes bare the sight
would you sleep again at night
if the jury decided they wouldn’t indict
and would the wound ever mend
if your son can’t rise again
baptized in a tide of violence
that never seems to end…

Verse 3
Now imagine the killer
carries a badge and a grudge
handcuffs and an itchy trigger finger
that’s spilled plenty blood
but he’s considered a pillar
the media shows him love
but the victims,
they’re quick to make them look like some thugs
cuz when it’s, one of their own
they sweep it, under the rug
and it’s, well known
you can easily catch a slug
and it’s, almost certain
that no one’ll be brought to justice
it’s the new Iron Curtain
between the people and a system corrupted
that’s why the youth feel like, “fuck it”
and anyone paying attention feels disgusted
society’s lost it’s moral compass
or that shit is rusted
all of the laws are loveless
anyone with power and guns just can’t be trusted
how many more must die
in a system that’s’ busted
where the killers are running wild
and the innocent hunted
crimes against humanity we can’t defend
or we’ll drown in this tide of violence
that never seems to end…

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved