1. But Now

From the recording And Still the Sun Rises

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But Now

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But Now
-Rico Pabón

Verse 1
Is it the end of days when crazed leaders act cloned
and they hold the power to order unmanned drones over your homes
and blamm it, dammit, the planet's been branded a war zone
and every boot, bullet, bulldozer and tank is bank owned
both sides, every war in time has always been funded
by an extra small percentage of people. who could profit from it
and as the economy plummets, in come the media pundits
to further confuse the public and just change the subject
now who are the puppeteers, and who are the puppets here?
and why can't we see that the media's just the strings attached to all of our eyes and ears
but the hand that pushes us all in every direction;
like what to buy, who you should look like, where you should put your attention
who will justify a war cry with lies and say it's for our protection
who tries to sell it to us so we're blind to their true intentions
so uninformed we don't question how the ties all come together
now those are the ones at the top who profit from warring forever, but now…

But now… now, the flames in the sky are rising higher
but now… our eyes are open, so we won't ignore the fire
but now… our chance for change has come down to the wire
but now… I know y’all feel me, so I’m preachin to the choir

Verse 2
Is it my imagination or does it sound like Revelation?
when human beings have less rights or protection than corporations
and crazy, blatant war criminals just get sent on vacations
on private jets to private destinations with their families waiting,
I'm saying, what place is this? where repeat rapists will get dismissed?
and never see a day behind bars, they will not pay a consequence
their only sentence might be a sacrament of penance
which they believe guarantees their entrance into the gates of heaven
so in the end, they're forgiven of sin and not even God will get 'em?
while nonviolent offenders are sent to rot in prison
I'm talking a million or more people in the US alone,
who never hurt another soul, but ain't gonna ever make it home
where is this, where I phones replaced eye contact?
can't even say hi to these cats cause some of them don't know how to react
cuz this military state has got every one of us on edge
when every 28 hours the powers that be are just pushing us over the ledge but now…..

Verse 3
It's beginning to feel like the final call
politrixians whoring, ignoring the writing on the walls
corporate interests, big business, they control it all
destroy the planet, and planning to rebuild it when it falls
but the ocean's tides are rising, so their promises are hollow
we're drowning in debt today, but it will be the sea tomorrow.
check your watch, the clock will say that time is borrowed.
I plan to head for high lands like Kilamanjaro.
Truth's a pill that not all want to swallow
but still I'm coming to bring the light of the sun like Horus and Apollo
and although the heat on the streets seems to increase
every week more innocent people murdered by crooked police
leaders are selected not elected
so you can expect them on on their knees
like a fluffer sucking dick behind the scenes
I know it's so obscene
the way they whore to the lords of war at levels never before seen
and feed the flame of this anti freedom machine, but now….

Fists in the sky, now raise ‘em higher
Don’t close your eyes to the lies, ignoring the fire
‘Cause even if it feels like it’s been just like this forever
we gotta start fighting like it’s 2000 whatever
Fists in the sky, now raise ‘em higher
Don’t close your eyes to the lies, ignoring the fire
‘Cause even if it feels like it’s been just like this forever
we gotta start living like it’s 2000 whatever...

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved