1. The Sun Rises

From the recording And Still the Sun Rises

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The Sun Rises

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-Rico Pabón

Sometimes I wake up with no type of hope
when I know our future’s in the cross hairs of a rifle scope
and at any moment we could be struck down like a lightning bolt
and people try justifying their ignorance using bible quotes
I’ve seen all type of folks fall victim
to a system that picks em,
plucks ‘em before they ripen and sticks ‘em right in the oven
the future burns in a furnace, the flames are fanned by the famous
who are controlled by those who promote the ignoramuses
to fade our greatness, they Andy and Amos us
they put up a fake face to replace anyone that tries to wake us from
this long slumber, some of us been under
been praying hard but I swear to God, we must have the wrong number
I don’t hear no thunder and I wonder why I see no sign of demise
of how many of people suffer and just from hunger how many of them die and it’s so very unnecessary, it’s scary
this is where we see strangers as adversaries and it’s contrary
we share the planet damn it’s the burdens we carry
that some poison the Earth like coal mines, and don’t mind the dead canaries we undercut education and over fund military
then they run around the whole planet just buggin like Mary Mary
unmanned drones turning homes to cemeteries
and the media clones either condone or make no commentary
and half the country believes these Tom and Jerry’s
but that’s a sign of the times we’re living in, where thinking is revolutionary but everyday the sun rises
and it’s always darkest in the moments before it become the brightest
the winds before storm, the storms before the calm
as long as you have breath, left, right, carry on
move forward, cuz you might be the final straw
the hidden ace in the deck that changes the luck of the draw
the final pebble in the pond that helped form a tidal wave
or the spark of a flame that molds metal into mighty blades
the final push through the barricade, inspiring those too afraid
cuz when tyrants reign then the righteous become renegades
for simply going against the grain of status quo
if status quo is going against us all and the future’s looking so-so
being Black is such a no no,
my peoples strap on a Go Pro for protection against the po-po
my native folks still being mowed down on the low low
refugees and immigrants being bounced like some pogos
just shipped away like cargo, some reduced to photos
shunned like hunchbacks, brown and black Quasimodos
in this land of where the dough flows
we’d rather keep the doors closed
fear and greed are leading us down the road of the dodos
but as long as hope’s alive than that’s a no go
so I’m riding hard and swingin low just like the Polo logo
with a flow that exposes a bozos lies at a moment notice
with the weight of the truth that can sink their boatload of bogus, they’re hopeless cuz every day the sun rises
shining light on possibilities and surprises
and everything can change at the blink of an eye of Osiris
when every morning you’re reborn like a lotus into the brightness
reaching up to the sky, one of a kind, your soul is so priceless
what we hold inside us is worth more than the gold of Midas,
it’s timeless
and on purpose you were birthed on the Earth’s surface
and the moment was so perfect for your emergence, that is certain
the light inside you can’t be stolen or purchased
confined or defined by mankind or the rules of his churches
or the name of lord he worships
or the laws that just worsen and worsen
daily making it harder just to be a person
so put your hand over your heart and feel the boom bap
be thankful for the soul in it like old school rap
and let that gratitude in you continue to lift you by your bootstraps
and join the struggle against a world collapse
there’s more of us who want to live
than those of them who wish to sleep
you gotta decide on your own, are you’re a clone or a sheep?
or a miracle walking, leftover dust from a star
cuz that’s what you are...

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved