From the recording And Still the Sun Rises

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She (featuring Luq Frank)

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-Rico Pabón

She’s for real, I can feel it
She’s for real, I can feel it In my bones

Verse 1
I love her style cuz she’s an original and stands proud in a crowd of duplicates as an individual
She keeps her hair simple and treats her body like a temple so any man approaching needs to be respectful
And you’ll recognize when you see her cause she shines like a diamond crystals she’s a multicolored social butterfly who loves to mingle
she has innocent eyes that twinkle and cute dimples and a flirtatious giggle She’s so amazingly complicated but I’m so appreciative that I wouldn’t trade or change a thing, she’s Gods perfect creation
and she’s classy and confident, knows how to take and give a compliment and be recognized as a queen on every continent
home grown and humble like the girl next-door,
so sweet to the core with a smile that leaves your heart on the floor
and she’s just like the moon the way she pulls me nearer because all the way down to my bones, yo, I can feel her

Verse 2
And you can tell how she carries herself out in public
married or single she is no man's puppet
she has dreams and aspirations, goals, plans and calculations
and her scales are balanced between hard work and vacation
And no hibernation, she sees life as a celebration
because it’s only fun if you’re participating
and that’s why she keeps a smile on permanent like Krylon and she lets bygones be bygones
She’s so over standing and forgiving because she remembers being given a second chance
she too has made mistakes in the past and she still has some shame to shed
a little stain of pain that stays inside her head
and so she’s focused on today instead of when
she was young and trusting and misled by many men
now she just smiles because she so many miles ahead of them
but she so gracious not an ounce of hatred
it’s like she was born free outside of the matrix

Verse 3
I'm sure you know her she be in the community
working with the youth in the streets building unity
and she might be that young mother or the one that’s soon to be
who switches up her diet and tries choosing healthy foods to eat and feed her baby maybe she be the one who they label as crazy
until the day arrives where she paints or writes something amazing
she may have some physical disability and that’s all they see
but it doesn’t hinder what she achieves
She’s been through so much that nothing touches or disrupts her ill flow
a true example of a rose who from the concrete did grow
and she may be that gray-haired older lady you pass on the daily
who went from raising her fist to raising a nation of babies
or maybe she’s a stay at home or single mom
whose work shift ends at midnight and begins again at dawn
she’s every woman like my sister, wife and mom
they’re all the bomb, so the world should sing along...

Copyright © 2013 (Rico Pabón) All Rights Reserved