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  1. Contact High

From the recording My Power

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Contact High

May the funk bump inside your ride, crumble chron, let the vibe take control of your mind, & the verbs, while you swirve or marinate by the curb, penetrate your mental state like you blazing the herbs, anyone standing nearby, catch a contact high, contesting the blessings still leave the session red eye, paragraphs I quote enter lungs like smoke, toke it slow or choke trying to inhale the words that I wrote

Just sit back & hear the heat blow live & direct from Rico Pabón, roam with notorious unknowns just like Lolita Lebrón, until the grave kamikaze style, no regrets or death threats, for respect, wet up senators chests & shine a paparazzi smile, last sight that they saw, 5 stripes and a star, heard the cry of freedom like a lion’s roar, everybody hit the floor, causing panic God damn it, screaming out FREE PUERTO RICO in Spanish, fuck if they understand it, I’m on some new world bandit, steal back your mind & land shit, take what you’ve got, expand it, spread love across the planet, though problems are titanic, keep your foundation granite, savages take advantage, they gain the upperhand & damage all that you’ve planted, so check their game its slanted, they still dropping bombs on top of islands of enchantment, entrapment of street soldiers & captains ain’t over, in fact they plan covert attacks to catch y’all big or small, ask Abu-Jamal…

You better duck & cover when the ghetto bird hovers above your rest, predators out for more of us, like they’re carnivorous & love a brotha’s flesh, put survival skills to the test, from atlantic coast projects to my residence in the west, they show no pity, up in Gotham City where I lie, do or die, like suicide, driving by with some shine, these streets can push you back flashing all your stack, get left licking your wounds like pussycats, funk concealed in trunks revealed to dump & wets you up like aqua boogie black, trying to live like movie jacks flashing rings to broken kings I wouldn’t do that! strapped or not, get sent to outer space like astronaut, coming around these have nots hot blocks with your rocks, you need to stop, for the safety of us living on ground level, who ain’t trying to meet a stray one autographed by the devil, it’s hard enough, y’all know just trying to grow & keep your head low when 5-0 all in your zone like co-in-tel-pro

Now that 99’s gone, new millennium is upon us, mother nature trying to warn us, whats around the corner with wars in every border, across the water, watching the slaughter colonial forces ordered, military offer courses in torture tactics, and the fact is them bastards, they practice on live bait, violations got us irate from the golden bay to the tri state, behind closed gates heart rates remain fast pace, so prisoners pupils dilate, 24 hours a day, they can’t escape the bright white fluorescent, some find self in the star and crescent, study lessons and give praise to the most high, but most die with closed third eye, never visualize their light from inside, others spend twelve years of their life solitarily confined, like Oscar López, and they still can’t break his focus, I quote this, “how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look” front like we don’t notice, assume the hopeless position, but concrete combat creates complicated conditions, listen