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  1. So Caught Up

From the recording My Power

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So Caught Up


For all the pain we endured, what goes around will come again to settle the score,
So caught up in this life that we live where everything is relative, trying to forget & forgive,
For all the families who cried, just know that there’s a plan for I & I,
For all the neighborhood crews, its time to get rid of the rats amongst you

the harsh truths of survival sometimes too much for some to deal with, people rather stay numb from the pain, attempt to conceal it, right in between the bottles of rum 151, 50 sacks get laced with crumbs, sons smoking grimmies young, searching for that ultimate high as a way to get by, trying to escape the sting from scars that he’s still feeling inside, from family drama, powders’ got his mama all wrapped around her like anaconda, squeezing the breath out her ’till she’s a goner, beyond a doubt, started choosing all the wrong routes, was never shown so never gave a fuck what life was about, just a victim of circumstance caught up in the devil’s dance and passed this poison on to her seed with little chance to advance & just as you’d expect it, pre-teenager misdirected, mind’s been infected from unprotected upbringing, experimentation with everything, witnessed a boy turn into a man not knowing a reason for living…..

For all the homies who died & snitches who lied & had my family serving time inside & still walking the streets in broad daylight, I can’t understand it but God has a plan for you, smiling now to cry later for breaking commandments written in inner city scriptures, but still, the pictures we see, ghetto reality shows the wicked man living lavishly, you cooperate with l-a-w, bringing trouble to the brothers who knew you before you was running with any crew, your bitch ass shake & break when pigs interrogate, deserve whatever fate the most high gonna lay at your gate, when you’re stuck in traffic, think of how you bent like elastic, look over your shoulders & around every corner you bastard, eat facing the door cuz ain’t no peace no more, what goes around, for sure comes back to settle the score, living with sins unforgiven, money driven religion, say bye to your children, ain’t no deliverance from this mental prison sentence