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  1. Out Of Control

From the recording My Power

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Out of Control
featuring Femi

this is how we roll, plenty of soul, have your house party knocking, people out of conrol, we give love everywhere that we go, so, we get it back at the end of the show,

My family’s tight, bomb like northern lights, packed right, we ignite set off your Friday night & Saturdays stay the same ain’t nothing changed with the day, we’re like the Caribbean connection that reps for the bay & keep it real as life, tell me what you feeling like? we spreading the positive vibe & its starting tonight, my broken spanglish be sparking the mic, until y’all say quit, until I hear my peoples saying, “that’s my shit!”
let’s get uplifted, kiss the sky like Jimmy Hendrix, natural like freedom, you’ll feel it in your spirit, if you can’t hear it then just turn up your bump, its an international fiesta, yo, make sure that it slumps & wake the neighbors up, life is too short to give a , what? Party for your right to fight just like Chuck, til the sun comes up, eyes red & glossy, half shut, tip your cups up, let’s give thanks the folks ain’t broke it up…

Oh yes, I’m here, all up on the mic up in your ear, I keep the party laced, rum with no chase, I got that Puerto Rican pride, Boricuas keeping it live, as I stroll through your party, straight givin’ it up, let it bump in your hood, not giving a what? this is how I get down, my people all around me, my folks and I, keep the party bumping until the morning light, happy that we made it cause we’re unified, que bonita bandera, one star, five stripes, tip up your cups, ladies you know what’s up, somebody pour me a drink,
vamos a gozar hasta la mañana, 41510 to the big manzana..

Forget what you thinking, forget what you heard, cuz we been doing this, every metropolis in the world, light your lighters, keep ‘em in the sky for freedom fighters united, revolutionary ride or die shit, its local talent, some of my younger years I spent wildin’, now I put my extra time in, rhyming to keep you smiling, proud to throw your flags up & rep where you are, from Gotham City, Richmond Cali with my heart in P.R. siempre pa’lante, hold tight, people, this is your life, got to grab the wheel & drive right (control), this world is crazy pull you down if you let it, release my stress with 3 and a half minute verbal calisthenics on the regular, trying to reach my folks without a cellular, through many hands & lands like dirty cheddar but better, remain forever in the minds of the youth, its Prophets of Rage, baby, giving nothing but truth