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  1. Write Lines

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Write Lines

I’m like the first born son, bow before none,
scientists try and predict the hour I’ll come,
I’m from the slums and I represent the thugs
and the soldiers holding guns, but I brought nothing but love,
I’m just one of the Most High’s military men,
empty emcee’s I’m to kill and bury them,
it was written, that’s why you hear no threat in my voice,
just amplify my God gift cuz it’s my weapon of choice,
I’m nocturnal, that’s why I’m hard to see in the light,
concocting journals that’ll burn and guide my folks through the night,
I’ll rock eternal ‘til my great grand daughters holding my mic,
when I return to the light, she’ll still be breathing new life
and reaching new heights and keeping it hype like Jesus the Christ,
cuz never is righteousness defeated in fights,
so hear me tonight, ain’t no fear in me, right, cuz we can live twice,
words serve as everlasting life…

Write lines that will free our minds, write lines, everlasting life…
Words serve as everlasting life, so go do it!

Some emcees be searching for the fountain of youth without any proof,
when God’s got a mountain of truth, just listen,
you’ll hear the sounds of several thousands of troops,
all of them down and surrounding you in your mission,
so play your position,
cuz every scripture has been hand written,
it’s Jah speaking through his man children,
the grandchildren of prophets, still documenting the wisdom,
we come as all purpose wordsmiths, at your service,
spitting verses over rhythms, can be medicine or venom,
depending on how we living, whether we righteous or sinning,
rap is the word, and ever since the beginning, it been love,
fake thugs is fighting the feeling, and writing for millions,
no future insight for the children,
play they’re a cappella’s and listen, they be inviting the killing,
as long they buy what you give them, you’ll sell them tickets to prison,
where every thing is non fiction, word…

Let’s bring it back to the days of rappers we could trust and feel,
the days when emcees had to talk about the real,
cuz still, one time and judges been rushing to the dungeons, still,
some think it’s changed and others think it never fucking will.
One thing’s for sure, the whole system’s rotten to the core,
and it wasn’t built on universal law.
Like 1984, there’s everlasting wars,
lies that are televised just change with the daily reports,
but after the sports.
When we hit the streets in protest, organized and focused,
that’s when we go unnoticed.
They won’t broadcast this out to the masses,
they’d rather watch a psychopathic fascist have his way.
So many blasts a day, so many pass away, so many massive graves,
like any ghetto U.S.A.
But still these rappers with nothing to say get all the play.
They’ve been given the gift of gab by God and in these last days, hey….