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  1. Original Bad Man

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Original Bad Man

I was born under black skies,
Moon, non visible,
With no stars to light my path into the physical,
But still I’m cool, done made it through to fight another struggle,
Rise above the rubble,
Mama used to say it’s better than before and most of the elders agree,
Except maybe 2 or 3 who tell me nothings better than being free,
And it’s like a fantasy that most of them have never seen,
But still, they talk about it like a dream,
And tell me stories of their great great grandfathers’ memories,
The earth, roots and trees, branches leaves and the seeds,
That are just scattered throughout the seas,
I see the pain when they speak,
It stays shackled on their brain when they sleep, it’s deep,
The families severing brought us suffering,
And never brought us nothing but heartache,
Separation of blood lines,
Plantains and swine, fatherless sons,
I still remember when they sold mine…

He looked me in my eyes and told me “Papa, don’t cry,
Somewhere down the line, we’ll reunite, even after life,
Cuz soon I’m gonna die, I feel it inside,
But you’ve got to survive these hard times”,
His words echo in my mind,
And built a fire inside, my eyes cannot hide,
I’m gonna be the death of master, the bastard just has to die,
For what he did to papa and mama that’s why my sister is so light skinned,
Right then, died a slave and made way, a soldiers life begins,
With one mission, abolition of hellish conditions,
Now I meet with the elders in private and listen,
They’re doing more than reminiscing, it’s sedition,
One by one, everyone’s gonna come up missing,
Protected under black skies, moon no visible,
With no stars to light my path except the spiritual…

Make you want to respect your ancestors,
Back in the day they were the real warriors,
Fight down Babylon and fight down the slavers,
Don’t let me hear you disrespect the elders, cuz,
Them are the original bad man, see,
Bought and sold into the wicked slavery,
Them defend, they are the real soldiers,
Them are the ones who break the rules against brutality…