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  1. Make It

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Make It

I want a little house in the mountains with a few acres around it,
Some fertile ground and clean water for the life that surrounds it,
I need the sound of coquis to be what rocks me to sleep,
And to teach my children to eat from the trees and not from Mickey D’s,
Plant seeds and feed my whole family,
Build a small community where we have everything that we need,
Elders to guide us and ancestors beside us,
We’ve got healers of the body, mind and soul that’s inside us,
Medicines from the Earth, natural flowers and herbs,
And men and women who can heal you with the power of their words,
Educators of the past is what the future deserves,
To teach our youth their roots as proof of what they’re presently worth,
We’ve got experts in birth bringing the spirits to Earth,
So birth days we celebrate moms cuz she was doing the work,
And all are present like a family unit,
Back in the days, tribal ways,
It’s how we’re gonna do it…

I see the faith in your eyes,
That’s why I am changing,
Take all the doubt from my mind,
I know we can make it,
You and me, the sea and the sky,
What we have is sacred,
I see the faith in your eyes,
I know we can make it…

I know it seems I’m asking for too much,
But it’s just cuz we’ve been trained to believe that we can’t do enough,
Supposed to work until you’re 65 then retire and just try to stay alive,
When the government just feeds you lies,
Costs of medicines rise, and every doctor prescribes
Another pill, another bill that must get pushed to the side,
Families divided over simpleton things,
And kids don’t know their grandparents, nor the wisdom they bring,
The songs that they sing, or the meanings of the words in the hymns,
The hidden message within or the lessons passed on to them,
I’m trying to end that in my family tree,
And make traditions alive, just like my brother Ali,
And keep the music going,
We’re from a lineage born
Humble and strong in the jungle up in the heart of the storm,
Call it what you want, but it’s been the soundtrack to the revolution,
It’s natural,
It’s how we gonna do it…
And life should be like this,
When every morning we rise, we recognize it’s a gift,
Looking forward to the day and anything it may bring,
Walking with faith in fate cuz our Creator’s pulling the strings,
And we’re supposed to win, supposed to live,
Supposed to love, supposed to give,
Supposed to feed our elders, like they did when we were kids,
How are we supposed to teach respect and honor,
If all we do is pay our dues and don’t take care of our mamas?
I want an end to that, and I want us living fat,
And instead of constantly taking, I want us giving back,
And I want us feeding our own, and I want us building our homes,
I want to stop paying loans on things that we should already own,
I want community pillars, architects, planners and builders,
Educators and farmers, martial artists and realtors,
Everyone to come through and truly believe in the movement,
It’s natural, it’s how we gonna do it…