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  1. Hard Times

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Hard Times

Every project, every ghetto, let it be Richmond or Soweto,
You’ll find poverty ‘pon poverty,
Nobody owns property, but in debt, though,
When the rents owed, and the flow’s low,
Then the techs blow and they echo,
Through the streets where the concretes heat from the building friction is about to explode,
And the death toll is like the petrol prices, it rises and rises,
From the west coast to the middle east, there’s bloody streets and survivors,
Thugs and liars and more with advisors invested in war enterprises,
that specialize in the poor populations downsizing,
Private prisons to the rim with non-violent civilians,
While the government’s dropping bombs that cost millions on top of children,
Steady closing up school buildings and still be opening jails,
The one percent that’s running it, loving it and hoping we fail,
Phone and e-mails are tapped, so watch what you say when you rap,
Cuz disagreeing with policy goes against the Patriot Act,
I’m just stating the facts,
Words can earn you time like pulling gats,
Look at the way the police treat protestors like they’re fully strapped,
It’s hard times y’all…

And their hope is to keep us hopeless,
Full of fear and no focus,
So their armies can swarm upon towns just like thousands of locusts,
And devour everything in sight, from the people’s power and rights,
Children dead in daylight, so they piss in their beds every night,
Afraid to sleep and never wake,
Sometimes the earth just shakes from the silver rain,
When it’s drizzling whistling missiles of pain,
Money reigns the bloodstained, unashamed dictator,
So many slain or left maimed in the name of the Creator,
It’s sick,
You can bet right here it’s still the same shit,
We still feel like niggas and spicks up against the same hicks,
Constitutions ain’t changed since the days of slave ships,
Where republicans and democrats all the same clique,
From the same schools, the same crowds, the same politricks,
Only difference being how quick and how insane it’s gonna get,
You can check the next four and how they’re changing the laws,
Cuz big business is prisons and everlasting wars,
It’s hard times y’all…

Every hungry nation’s foundation falls victim to globalization
No humane regulations of any way on importations,
The new face of colonization are all of the major corporations,
And the IMF programs that replace the face in our own attainments,
I can’t explain it,
When smaller places try trading,
They face the fate of closed gates by the chain of European nations,
Forced to take a World Bank loan and agree to the repayments,
They’re making all the arrangements and you can leave it or take it,
Give your house key to strangers
and turn your cheek to the dangers of eating 30 year old meat,
like they did to Jamaicans and Haitians,
Cut their budgets, up their labor,
Put the adjustments on paper,
To pay the interest you spend less on your health and education,
And you decrease your wages,
Increase the foreign exchanges,
And who can compete with the elite who stole most of the farm acreage from natives,
Now it’s Mickey D’s and MTV behavior to save you,
I’m gonna wager all on the Maker,
It’s hard times, y’all…

Children are dying, scared of the sky, it’s just not right,
Cycles the same, and who’s to blame, weak souls’ again,
People worldwide, keep with your fight, freedom’s in sight.