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  1. My Other Woman

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


My Other Woman

She was young, sun kissed, brown skinned, full lips,
The kind of eyes that ride the line between naughty and innocence,
I was feeling it, dipped in army greens, like she’s militant,
A revolutionary, killing my resistance,
No bling, her whole team believes in independence,
Rolled with a crew of fly queens through the entrance,
Caught my attention with her confident smile,
Her conversations were complex,
She captivated me with her style,
No games, no shame, now we’ve been friends for a while,
But still the feelings are the same,
She still be driving me wild,
We still be chillin on the late night,
And building on the low low,
Making plans on how to grow our own food for solo,
She still be down with me when I feel like I’m falling,
And got the words to encourage me just to follow my calling,
She’s still sexy like a mother with her masters degree,
But I’m a Gemini Pabón and ain’t no mastering me,
That’s why I got another woman,
Who keeps me coming,
Back again for more passionate loving,
And we don’t talk most of the time cuz she knows what’s on my mind,
We put one high up in the sky and then it’s on for the night,
They call it whip appeal,
Somehow the problems get solved
between the full body massages and the chocolate sauce,
I love she feels around me and the taste of her lips,
The way she keeps a steady pace when she’s swaying her hips,
There ain’t a place I ain’t kissed, and everything’s delicious,
All I need to ask she grants me all my wishes,
Actually, her fire lights desires that I’ve never had in me,
It took this woman to inspire fantasies,
Simple things she says to make me want to stay with her,
I love to just lay buck naked with her,
She’s so sexy in a serious way,
Her love making makes me want to let her take me away,
But then I got this other woman,
And I just love her smile,
She got me thinking about raising a child,
She always been down with me, even when I was wild,
Like she saw something inside me that had yet to be found,
She puts it down where it counts with old traditional styles,
That came straight from abuela while growing up on the Isle,
I love it when she speaks Spanish to me, even when I don’t understand,
I love it when she talks with her hands,
And looks me deep in my eyes, I see her soul, it shines,
The way she’s not afraid to cry at the drop of a dime,
I love the way she’s kind of clumsy and she sings out of key,
And dedicates the words of corny love songs to me,
I’m blessed to know her, she’s a queen,
And my partner for life,
A teacher, lover and friend,
the three I have in my wife,
She still keeps me double taking, cuz she’s sexy and all,
Satisfies all of my sides,
She’s the one that I call my other woman…

She’s my other woman,
She’s the only one for me,
She’s my other woman,
She just loves me for me,
Cuz she’s so free.