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  1. Pa 'Fuera

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Pa ‘Fuera

It’s for the boom and the bap, let’s take it back to when Black,
And Puerto Rican street music kept the dance floors packed,
Before these pretty ass cats started packing the gats,
Before the days and the maze of the crack epidemic impact,
Back to emcees who really rap,
Beats and rhymes keeping in line with the times of where we’re at,
Take it back, black, to house parties with love, love,
Everybody barefoot and sweating, this ain’t no club, club,
This is where your soul can get down,
Out of body experience, leave your woes on the ground,
Just feel the vibes of the person you’re close to,
Know they probably go through the same shit that your folks do,
Let’s take it way, way back to smiles and hand claps,
Where brothers said “peace” and you know that we’d mean that,
Back to when we called our women “ladies”,
That bullshit they play now,
You’d think we’ve gone crazy…

If you’re down to sell your soul for a price,
If you’re out there spitting poison through the mic,
If you came to try to end somebody’s life,
Mean mugging like you really want to fight,
If you can’t respect the party tonight,
Or can’t hold your Bacardi down tight,
So if you didn’t come to party, dude,
Up in the spot with all that attitude,
You’re too cool and want to act a fool,
Take your drunk ass and your wack crew,