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  1. My Peoples

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


My Peoples

This is for my people with their hands up,
Everybody on their asses need to stand up,
This is the kind of hip hop that you were a fan of,
When you were coming up and looking for the answers,
When everybody and their momma was a dancer,
Back when you wanted a rapper and not an actor,
You heard laughter, plus the flash of cameras,
Trying to capture the rapture so we could laugh after,
And somebody would get too drunk,
But then the drums come out and we’re getting afro-crunk,
We’re high on life, we feel the natural funk,
It’s just Caribbean style, mixed with some east bay bump,
It’s in your trunk, play it loud at the house parties,
I’ll give it to you straight, no need for Bacardi or Coke, nope,
I should say it’s better than both,
It’s God’s gift with this letter I wrote for my peoples…

This is for my people with the hand claps,
I know it’s been a long time since you loved rap,
Fat laces and breakin where every clubs at,
Or just a house party where you need no gat,
It’s older slappin bones, and open microphones,
If somebody got a song ain’t nobody going home tonight,
Ain’t nobody gonna read you your rights,
You’ll be with Stevie singing songs in the key of life,
With me and my wife, chillin,
Now we’re talking about children,
I’m trying to fill up a building,
And bring a gang of MD’s through and emcees too,
First words will probably be “mic check 1,2” , it’s how we do,
The bloodline’s too powerful, the sunlight’s shining all in my view,
I’m thinking thoughts of new days and every way that I’m blessed,
And just reflect when I was put to the test,
But my peoples…

This is for my people with their hands high,
Heads noddin, looking in a man’s eyes,
Yes, the queens are supreme means the ladies are fly,
All the kings in this crib feel me, it ain’t no lie,
This one’s for all of y’all who I see rain or shine,
You come to shake your problems off and leave your woes behind,
It’s what the soldiers call a true players night,
Cuz I know all of y’all got stripes in this game of life,
Everybody in their own right has done paid the price,
To stand right where they do, you can’t plan for it if you try,
That’s why we keep it tight, keep it right, and walk with the light,
Throw our hands up in the sky and thank the Most High that we’re in here,
The emcee is sincere, the DJ’s got it pounding, but the microphone is sounding clear,
This is Rico Pabón, Prophets of Rage, yo, I’ve been here,
Trying to put some joy inside your tears, cuz my people…

Y’all set my spirit free, this is where I need to be,
Everybody’s V.I.P. and ain’t no beef, we don’t want to see police,
Y’all love just fills my soul, this is where I need to go,
And everybody’s got some trees to blow to ease the flow,
Yo, y’all my peoples.