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  1. Standing Up

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


Standing Up

I began up in the game with the intention to blow,
I’ve come way too far to let any mother fucker question my flow,
So before you spit upon my name, there’s just some things you should know,
That friends become foes quicker, when you star attacking my soul,
Cuz back in the old days when we were cracking them jokes,
And laughing at folks with the Captain’s and Coke and passing the smoke,
My word was bond, cuz reputations precede,
As a matter of fact, as I recall the call, your crew recruited me,
We all hustled and put our backs to the grind,
Sacrificed money and time, but we can’t see eye to eye,
And I’ve done tried, but you’ve been talking like you’ve gone bananas,
On some “who put this thing together?!” like you’re Tony Montana,
But not down to expand the plan to different lands on the planet,
And I’m the one who’s full of self? Man, I can’t overstand it,
But God damn it, if you ever twist my words up again, pana,
You ain’t got to like me,
Don’t have me defending my honor, brother…

I’m not sorry for anything,
Cuz still I got to fight standing up!

It’s hard to believe that you want me to sit back and die,
When I’ve done struggled to eat, been beating the streets since 1985,
And it’s just a way of life, brethren, where the fuck were you then,
Or when I was 13 searching for work, competing with grown ass men,
Who smoke that shit, and were so desperate fpr those next hits,
It made me as sharp as whip and that’s just as real as it gets,
Shit, I’ve been hustling ever since, but switched the name of my game,
Painting my pain as perfect pictures kept me halfway sane,
So I don’t play with my words at all, cuz that’s the way that I live, yo,
Obviously, you didn’t know, I know you wish that you did, though,
But no love lost, cuz you’ll still be family to me,
Remember, my lyrics are my spirit, keep it up out of your fantasies,
Hind sights 20/20, everything’s clearer to me,
How you went from much love to fake hugs, so gradually,
Like you were threatened by my presence, my essence, my honesty,
Reflect and check our history before you start fucking with me, brother.