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  1. It Ain't Real

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


It Ain’t Real

Cuz I’ve been opened up my eyes, I’ve seen our history in stages,
Some say it’s the end cuz evil men control the pages,
But that ain’t never changed, it’s been the same throughout the ages,
The fear of the power of the pen to bring about changes,
That’s why they’ve been killing wordsmiths, because the cages can’t change them,
It just fortifies their foundation,
Words have been the woman’s best friend for liberation,
Now is that why they’re attacked repeatedly on every station?
To blame it all on a few major corporations,
Just a handful control the flow of information,
Old money families use to own the plantations,
Now they’re grandchildren are choosing our representations?
Ever wonder why we’re shown impatient and violent or intoxicated and smiling,
lots of slave-mined diamonds,
With the face of a tyrant, slangin weight from the island,
it’s just to rock your ass to sleep and wake you up with the sirens,
it ain’t real…
Trust how you feel….

Now that I’ve opened up my ears I hear exactly what they’re saying,
Ain’t no coincidence which record is spinning in rotation,
It’s all about who you know, not what you know or your creation,
It’s not about how you flow or if you’re uplifting the nation,
You can sell us blow but not a quote of revelation,
You can speak of ghettos, not a peep of segregation,
Our children getting stupid while they killing education,
And blame the blurry future on the foreign immigration?
What about the many senseless murders that we’re facing?
From Oakland to Brooklyn to Palestinians and Haitians,
Puerto Rican people still in need of liberation,
We’re watching our island bleed from disease and desperation,
Internal colonization has got us hating our own faces,
From many places, many races,
Descendants of natives and African kings who made it on the slave ships,
And every one of them sacred,

Now that I’ve opened up my mind I see exactly what the plan is,
Take the hungriest peoples and make then seem savage,
The same way slave trading was OK’d by the parish,
Is how fanatics today are attacking gay marriage,
But what about the “Catholic” priests and their dirty habits?
And the children looking for blessings who are permanently damaged?
Ravaged from rape and can’t escape from the madness,
And no indictments, it’s frightening how it happens,
In times of occupation, molestation is common practice,
The world has witnessed pictures of civilians that were “captured”,
And who can count the women left with American bastards?
And the memory of three or more of the enemy soldiers’ laughter,
First, they grabbed her and slapped her and finally, violently took what they were after,
She never saw the cameras,
But still she hides her face and feels disgraced from all that happened,
She’s another lost soul missing in action……