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  1. B 4 My Times Up

From the recording Louder Than Fiction


B 4 My Times Up

Let it begin again, I hope y’all are listening,
Observe the new birth of wordsmiths with purpose,
Here to protect our pride in the pen,
Been writing to win, so we’ll fight ‘til the end,
This lyrical b-boy babalao be exercising the sins,
Like father Rico, P, yo, call me padrino,
Cuz my religion’s been delivering all of my peoples from evil,
Expelling heathens, even demons see my team be fire breathing for freedom,
Just schooling the fool emcees and make them believe in their higher power,
Like it’s the final hour, revelation,
Call me Dr. Hannibal Lector, I’ve devoured my patience,
I’m tired of waiting, liars keep on sounding like Satan,
Or Tom’s and coconuts still be down with this damn plantation,
While every damn station kills our reputation,
Fills the airwaves, their slaves dig graves for future generations, child,
Rap is the word, it came before the creation,
Appreciate the architecture, respect the foundation, now…

I’m gonna plant the seeds and they’ll take care of me, so I can take care of you,
B 4 my times up,
We’re gonna sit up on top of the world before we get through,
B 4 my times up,
Work on hands and knees, row to row, for the seeds to sew,
B 4 my times up,
Than I’ll lay off in the breeze and watch them grow…
B 4 my times up.