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  1. Diemonds

From the recording Louder Than Fiction



There’s a civil war still going on right in Sierra Leone,
as the government and the rebels fight for the diamond trade control,
some of the youngest soldiers in the battle get kidnapped from their homes,
some forced to work in the mines, surviving, holding on to their souls
some are too young to know their names,
the pain is how they’ve been grown,
they got snatched so long ago their memories of family is gone,
been made to, mutilate civilians they’ve known,
being bred for killing with no feelings like “Attack of the Clones”,
but George Lucas wouldn’t produce this, it’s too much truth to be shown,
little girls made sex slaves for men in control,
if we know it’s wrong how they’ve done daughters and sons in they’re own homes,
it’s time we stop romanticizing the stones,
how many children missing from villages is unknown,
both of the groups recruit the youth to shoot and loot before they’re fully grown,
at seven years old a soldier holds their destiny whole,
cuts their faces with razors, rubs lacerations with dope,
yes, they have to drug the children, numbing their feelings with coke,
cuz none of them willing in the beginning to bring any harm to their kinfolks,
but death threats and dope’ll make them do as they’re told,
go savage, even murder their parents cuz a rebel said so,
some made to amputate the limbs of those who fuck up the flow,
the profit from ice glowing around our fingers and thoats,
that’s blood on our clothes, cuz Americans consuming the most,
the blood from the ice dripping all off our fingers and thoats..